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Our Treatments

Jennifer Nicoll is a certified Myofunctional Therapist, providing Myofunctional Therapy through Myo & Me

“Myofunctional Therapy with Myo & Me is designed to put you – the whole you – first.”


We treat adults and children from 2 years old. Myofunctional Therapy with Myo & Me is designed to put you – the whole you – first.

Initial Myofunctional Assessment – £265

For all new patients, we hold a one hour Initial Assessment to understand more about you, your lifestyle, medical history, diet and other relevant information such as how you sleep, and your oral hygiene and health. This assessment is held in-person.

The assessment helps us identify if there are any orofacial myofunctional disorders or areas that may require greater focus during therapy. The Myofunctional Assessment is also key in identifying if a referral to a clinician in an allied field is required.

Myofunctional Therapy – from £540

At Myo & Me, our therapy is offered in packages of 6 sessions. Session lengths vary depending on the age and ability of the patient but usually these are 30-minute sessions.

If a patient has an oral tie that requires a release (through a procedure known as a frenectomy), further sessions will be required as part of the recommended therapy package. As part of these sessions, we will prepare you for the frenectomy by talking through what to expect in an age-appropriate way, as well as preparing the mouth itself through targeted exercises. We also provide post-operative support following the procedure.

How Myofunctional Therapy and Our Exercises Work

Our Myofunctional Therapy courses are designed to be fun and straight forward; at each therapy session you’ll be given a set of exercises to perform over the following week(s). Myofunctional Therapy exercises are all non-invasive; they can be challenging at first, but all are designed to be achievable with practice.

The key is that, because these exercises are relatively simple and don’t take long to do, they’re repeatable – this is what makes Myofunctional Therapy so effective in retraining your head and neck muscles, and building new muscle memory.

As the therapy progresses, we aim to see a positive change in the tone, strength and function of the orofacial muscles, as well as improvements in breathing, eating and resting habits. Patients need to be actively engaged in their own treatment to realise these changes, as completing the exercises does require commitment and perseverance.

To find out more, please visit our FAQs page.

Collaborative Care and Referral Network

During therapy, we also consider oral health and the influence it can have. Educating patients in adopting the right habits when it comes to dental hygiene, with a focus on prevention, is crucial in supporting therapy and minimising the effect of certain OMDs.

Where required, we can recommend a network of clinicians including those with a specialism/special interest in releasing oral ties, ENT and respiratory consultants, as well as speech and language therapists, osteopaths, and dentists.

The four goals of Myofunctional Therapy

Nose or Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing, day and night

Proper tongue rest position

Proper resting position of the tongue in the mouth

Closed lip seal at rest

A closed mouth/lip seal at rest and while chewing

Proper and correct swallowing pattern

A correct swallowing pattern